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2023 Rates and Reservations

Diving form
Reservations and Information
* Mandatory fields (If you are several divers, please give the information of each diver)

  If your Reservation is URGENT , for the same day or   for the next day, please contact:  
 (+689) 87 78 92 29 (WhatsApp & Telegram)

* Champs Obligatoires (Si vous êtes plusieurs plongeurs, merci de donner les informations de CHAQUE PLONGEUR)

Ancre plongée form

Our days are organized as follows


The morning :

2 successive dives, on 2 different sites, with a small tea biscuit snack between the 2.

For certified or in the process of certification.

Meet at 8 a.m. at the Center.(Return around 12 p.m.)

The afternoon :

Refresh & Training &Introductory dives (Baptisms).

Meet at 1:30 p.m. at the center.(Return around 4 p.m.)

We do not do night dives



Between 1 and 3 people a deposit of approximately 20% will be required,the rest will be done on site in cash or credit card. From 4 people we ask for a payment of 100%.

To help you in the choice of accommodation, nannies and others, do not hesitate to consult our page of Useful links.

Underwater diving is an extreme sport that is practiced in a natural environment rich in biodiversity, zero risk does not exist.

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Tarifs et prestations


Multi-dive maps


Moorea Fun Dive Pack:   

Package 6 dives: 41,000 XPF

Package 8 dives: 53,000 XPF

Package 10 dives: 63,000 XPF

Inter-island pass"Te Moana": XPF 82,000 (*)
(*)10 dive pass for 2 divers in 13 centers on 11 islands, valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
More information 


1 exploration dive: 8,000 XPF (If available)

2 successive dives: 14,000 XPF


Initiation & Refresh


Initiation dive (Baptism): 10,000 XPF

Refresh dive: 10,000 XPF


1 training dive: 11,250 XPF

Level 1: 50,000 XPF (must have done an initiation dive before)

Open Water (6 dives): from 82,000 XPF


Level 2: contact us

Level 3: contact us

Advanced: contact us

Option: contact us

Formation Training
Moorea Fun Dive Diving center


Tahiti dive log: 2,500 XPF ≈21€

T-Shirt : 3 000 XPF ≈25€

Sweat-shirt : 8 000 XPF ≈67€

Bloc 15L Air : 1 000 XPF ≈8

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